I was an Air Force brat, and as a youngster, I attended 12 schools in 12 years. Part of that schooling was in Europe, where I spent one year each in Germany, France, Scotland and England. I graduated from high school in Nevada and received a scholarship in English to the University of Nevada.

Passing on the scholarship, I attended the University of Washington, where I graduated with a major in history and minors in psychology and anthropology. I attended the University of Washington School of Law and in my senior year received a prize for scholastic excellence. After graduation from Law School, I took additional graduate classes in estate planning and tax law at Golden Gate University.

Some highlights of my work experience and community involvement:

  • Participated on the task force that revised and provided content for the revision of Washington statutes resulting in the Dissolution of Marriage Act, creating no fault dissolution in Washington State.

  • Headed the committee to study the North Cascades back country in support of Federal legislation to create the North Cascades Alpine Lakes Wilderness area.
  • Represented the Mountlake Community Association in resistance of efforts by the University of Washington to fence and to charge admission into the Arboretum.
  • Was hearing examiner for the North Shore School District conducting hearings and rendering decisions on applications for augmented scholastic programs for special needs children.
  • Was tribunal Chairman for Seattle Human Rights Commission hearing allegations of violation of alleged rights of individuals.
  • Acted as Judge Pro Tem for the Northeast District Court.
  • Formed my own law firm in 1979 with partner Jack Wetherall and additional partners thereafter.